Dr. Sakwa Masikye Mungoma

Is a qualified Statistician with training in Project Planning and National Development. Currently he is a Freelance Project Planning and Management Consultant. He is a Member of the Management Advisory Task Force (MATF2) on retainer basis, since April 01, 2016 to specifically advise the Top Management of the East African Civil Aviation Academy (Soroti Flying School) on financial, administrative and operational issues in order to sustain, revitalize and steer the Academy’s transformation into a Centre of Excellence and Transport Institute.

He has skills in Planning/Designing Development Programmes, Appraising Development Programmes, Managing World Bank/Multilateral Agency, Government & Community Based funded Development Programmes, Evaluating Development Programmes, Data Analysis and Interpretation, Managing Communities emerging out of conflicts especially prolonged wars and Policy Formulation for Corporate Bodies and Community based Organizations.